Start your momentum by focusing in 25-minute sessions

Session helps you focus and be more mindful by blocking distractions
and tracking your progress

Available on Setapp

State your focus

Start your session

Get closer to your goal by focusing on one interrupted Session. Session clarifies your focus. Spend your precious time on what matters.

Mac Only

Keep your focus by blocking apps and websites that distract you

Session blocks distracting apps and websites that you chose while on focus. It'll restore them when the session has ended.

Website blocker works on Safari, Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge

Review your progress

Session keeps you mindful by tracking your work and ask you what you have learned after the session has ended.

At the end of the day, you can review the progress and evaluate how you did.

Syncs Everywhere

Session seamlessly syncs your progress between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Your data is saved and backed up in the cloud.

Available on Setapp

Frequently Asked Questions

Other Pomodoro timers offer a free product or a one-time purchase. Why should I pay for Session?

Why subscription? Would you consider one time fee plan?

Does Session offer API integration?

Does Session offer end to end encryption?

Is there any plan to do Windows and Android support?

Can I ask for a new feature?

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