Privacy Policy

Data Collected

Session tracks:

  • Feature usage with Mixpanel. This is used to prioritize which feature will be improved, if new features is not used (might be because it's not discoverable).
  • App crashes with Microsoft App Center. This is used to make sure app is as bug free as possible.
  • Personal data (Sessions, break, settings iOS token for sending push notifications and to update dynamic island) for backup and to sync your data between devices.

Personal data is not stored for non-Pro user.

Data Retention

Your Session data is stored indefinitely until you delete your account.

To delete your account, take a look at support page.

Full account deletion is handled once per week. Designed this way to mitigate rare cases where user accidentally deleted the account.

We don't follow any request to delete account from email for security and privacy reasons. Deleting directly from the app helps us make sure that you're one that initiated this destructive action.

Data Sharing

Your data is only used for Session improvement only—we don't sell / share any data as we are profitable and generate revenue from subscriptions.


  • Session stores team name and Slack token.
  • Slack token is used to update your Slack status when Session timer starts / ended.
  • Those data are stored when you integrate Session with Slack by your permission.
  • All of them is immediately removed when you remove the team from Session app.
  • When you delete Session account, your Slack data will be deleted in 7 days.

More Questions

If you have more questions, contact us at support.

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