Automate your Workflow with Session Automation

Philip Young

Imagine having Do Not Disturb turned on when you start your Session and have it turned off after you've stopped working.

Or, what if you can play "focus" playlist while you're on Session and play "relax" playlist on break.

You can even close Slack (because Slack notification does not respect Do Not Disturb on Mac) when session started to help you stay in the flow.

That all is possible! Session automation can do all that for you.

Example how automation can help your workflow

Session will run automation you wrote depending on what state you're in right now.

Some scenarios that's useful:

  1. session_start

    • Turn on Do Not Disturb
    • quit Slack
    • play Spotify playlist "focus"
    • start time tracking app (like Toggl)
  2. break_start

    • play Spotify playlist "relax"
    • record time tracking app
  3. stop_working

    • Turn off Do Not Disturb
    • reopen Slack

What you probably use is session_start, stop_working, and possibly break_start.

Learn how to Setup Session Automation on Mac and iOS

You've seen the benefit. Now you can integrate it based on platform that you use. We've made a tutorial for each:

On Mac Session automation on Mac with AppleScript. No coding experience is needed.

On iOS Session automation on iOS and macOS with Apple Shortcuts.

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