Setup session automation on iOS with Apple Shortcuts

Philip Young

29 January 2021

In this guide, you'll learn how to integrate Session with Apple Shortcut. If you don't know about Session automation yet, you can learn more from Automate your workflow with Session Automation.

You can learn how to make your iOS Shortcut from internet / YouTube. We'll write a guide soon.

1. Apple Shortcuts naming

There's 5 scenarios where automation ran. They are:

  1. Your session has started: session_start
  2. Your session has ended: session_end
  3. Your break has started: break_start
  4. Your break has ended: break_end
  5. You went to home screen ("What's your focus screen"): stop_working

What you probably use is session_start, stop_working, and possibly break_start.

Simply made a shortcut with the matching name above. Session will run it for you.

2. Enable Shortcuts you've made

  1. Go to Session > Settings (Gear icon) > Automation,
  2. check all shortcuts you want to run,
  3. make sure you have matching file name on your Apple shortcuts.
  4. Note that if you check it and have no Shortcut with matching file name, Session won't do anything.

3. Enjoy your automation!

Congratulations! Now you've automated your workflow based on Session current state!